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 Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship:
A Media and Policy Initiative

The Mayday Fund, a New York City-based foundation dedicated to alleviating the incidence, degree, and consequence of human physical pain, is interested in providing new leaders in the pain field with tools that will enable them to reach the broader public.

In 2004, Mayday established the Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship: A Media and Policy Initiative, a fellowship program to train physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, basic, translational and clinical scientists, policy experts and legal scholars in the pain management community to go beyond their own professional pursuits to become leaders and advocates for change in the pain field in the United States and Canada. The Fellowship seeks those applicants who have the capacity, time and passion to become active advocates in the field, and foresee significant impact from their efforts to improve the lives of people in pain.

The Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship will begin accepting applications on Friday, March 15, 2013. The deadline for applying to the 2013 program is Monday, July 1. You must submit:

  1. Your completed application
  2. A letter approving your participation in the program from your immediate supervisor or chairperson. The letter should include confirmation that you can devote 10 percent of your time to the Fellowship, and provide supporting background about your candidacy for the Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship.

Finalists will be involved in a phone interview with members of the Mayday Fellowship Advisory Committee. The Committee will select Fellows by late August 2013. Chosen Fellows will be required to participate in a training October 20-23, 2013.

For questions about the Mayday Fellowship program, please go here. The Mayday Fellows advocate on behalf of themselves and not on behalf of The Mayday Fund.

Download application forms below.

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Questions? Please read our frequently asked questions.

Please visit success stories from previous Fellows.

There are no tuition costs; travel, seminars, and communications coaching will be covered by the Mayday Fund.